Lost And Fine

by Charles Loren

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Charles Loren's debut LP and first project recorded as a solo artist. All tracks written, recorded and mixed by Charles Loren except "Your Unborn Self" featuring lead guitarist Brett Ettinger. Mastered by Tom Ruff of Asbury Media.


released April 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Charles Loren Westfield, New Jersey

In this project, Charles Loren dives deep into the musical spectrum to bring out pretty melodies over heart-pulsing piano chords, backed up by acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, occasional synthesizers and some interesting post-production.

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Track Name: We're Not Alone
I was long passed my head
After I'd gone fast to bed
I heard an odd tone
Saying we're not alone
And at first it was a dream
Or at least that's how it seemed
But it was more I felt
Is there anyone else?
There was no fear to mention
It was not our third dimension
It was far beyond
What we call eons
And at first I felt a tension
But they told me I was fenced in
So they took me out
To show me what we're about

Everything I've ever known
Is turned around and left behind

Can you tell me what I saw?
Was I found or was I lost?
Is this beyond control,
Or just robotic drones?
'Cause these theorists fuss a lot
But once they're here it doesn't stop
Do you hear odd tones at night?
You're not alone

Who am I to even judge?
I'm so small in this world
Track Name: Night Owl
I wake up to the sound of
Birds going to bed
I shake off and I drown these
Negative thoughts in my head

I'm a night owl and it seems like
Everyone's in a haze
But right now I just need them
To be free with me in this phase
Join me on this trip to nowhere
Toy with freedom a bit
But be careful don't slip

Maybe I just need to open up my eyes
But lately I just seem to be too happy to realize

All the lights out on the streets where
Everyone is asleep
But in my house there's a burning bulb
On the third floor glowing deep
All I hear's the ocean in my ears
But still my brain's in motion
Guess my thoughts are potent

Maybe I just need to open up my eyes
But lately I just seem to be too happy to realize
You may not like me cause you're scared that
I snore my sunlight away
But my night breathes the same air that
The morning does everyday
Track Name: On My Own
You've gotten your way
More times than I can count
Now your thoughts they say
That things aren't working out
I can't believe
How many times you fell
Why can't you see
That I can't really help you now
Can't help you now
Just leave it alone
By the time you finally make your mind up
I could be gone and on my own

On my own
I could be gone and on my own
My own
My home is somewhere you might find me on my own

We fell into
This trap we both can't hide
This hell it blew
Those flames on either side
I thought you knew
We broke out of this shell
Why bother, I'm through
So I can't really help you now
Can't help you now
Just leave it alone
By the time you finally make your mind up
I could be gone and on my own

On my own
I could be gone and on my own
My own
On my own
I could be gone and on my own
My own
On my own
I could be gone and on my own
My own
My home is somewhere you might find me on my own
Track Name: Be True
Be true my friend
Or your walls will crumble down onto your head
Your lies will do you in
I knew you when
You were undefeatable until the end
But you got fooled again
So let me clue you in

If you try you will find
Through the dark you can shine
But if you doubt yourself I can't help you

Where do you draw the line
Between facts and lies
Are you satisfied now
You should be gratified
That your past can die
Where the caskets lie down

When will you call the quits
You're so tolerant
About all of it
After the smallest hit
All your walls will split
And your guard will sit down

Stay true my friend
Or your walls will crumble down onto your head
You'll play the fool again
So let me clue you in
Track Name: Everything's Here
When you're younger all you can do is try to stay alive
When you're under pressure you strive to savior all of your time
All you need to do is try not to change your mind
And when you feel the blues it's fine to have yourself a good cry

When you finally decide to open your mind
You'll find a way to keep yourself from wondering why
And when you hide the cries from the tears laying under your eyes
Just fly away from the darkness that lies under all the disguise

Do you wonder how it would feel if the world was yours?
And do you underestimate life 'cause of all of your chores?
Do you follow the door and look around your town
With fear of never leaving this place?
'Cause what I've found is it's easy to drown the pain that eats you away

So what do you think your future will bring
There's plenty of things but the more that you think
The blurrier your view is and the more your ears ring
So open your eyes I hope you will find that everything's here
The ocean and sky can't be broken or die don't be shedding a tear
Don't go to the light but don't be closing the blinds everything is still here
I'll show you the right way to hold onto life and get rid of your fears
Track Name: Lost and Fine
I really wanna break free as much as you
But I don't see how that will stop the noise in my head
And I can't really seem to make a choice
So instead I scramble words and thoughts from a misguided view
But it just seems to all make sense to me
And I can't fight and fuss with these thoughts haunting my sleep

So come on
Hum along
So long to the logic that you know
I know
You hang on
But sometimes you just got to let it go
And if you could just find a way
Through this maze of a head you would see I'm fine

These walls are always breathing down my back
I can hear them in the pitch black
Telling me what's right and wrong again
A recall to a time when things were facts
And my mind knew that was that
Back when I could get along with friends but
I'm talking to myself again all alone
But I fear I'm not really listening
So I stop and hear what's worse is this constant ringing
In my ears and if you can find a reason to let me go
Please just don't let me know don't let me know
'Cause I can't face the real world with these people I don't know

I'm fine
It will be okay now
Track Name: Your Unborn Self
I knew you were scared by the way you said it would all be fine
You lost your head but you said you'd find it all in time
But if you had looked around you might as well have took it back
You've always been shook but I've always been here to keep it all intact

So where did you go wrong
I've been here all along for you now
I swear you did no harm
You've been here all along on the run
From your true and unborn self

I never compared your life to the one that is in your files
What little we share is enough for a pair of a couple of smiles
And if you could take the time to start again and not look back
I'm sure we could break the line between a rock and a hardwood shack

So come on if you dare
I know you'll be scared
I'm aware
And if you could get out of your head for a day
I'll join you and your true and unborn self
Track Name: The Tightrope (Wherever)
You came along and you slowed down time
Forever I am changed
You think you're lost but so am I
Together we might be sane
Wherever you are now I don't know
But you're the one who said we'd find ourselves again
Whenever you could just find some hope
I will read the signals and follow all of them

We had a grip
But reality it seems to slip
We hold on tight
In this world of love and fright
Be bold be bright
And we hope we'll take flight
Just don't ignite

You came across me with glowing eyes
In the depths of my dream
We laid across the clouds floating high
Above a foggy stream
Wherever you are now I don't know
But I could use a sign, please tell me are you fine?
'Cause I am lost on a high tightrope
And you're the destination as I walk along the line
Track Name: Melt
There's a feeling you should know
When you take all of your stress and let go
I could tell you 'bout my dreams
But I'd have to hold back all of the screams
So I'd rather melt (you just melt)
Your problems just melt away
You just melt
Your problems soon will fade

I could lay here for days (and just melt away)

I need an answer
Can you tell me where my pain has gone
'Cause lord knows I've waited long
So long
I need an answer
But my thoughts are going to my head
And I would rather melt in bed instead
Instead (I would rather melt)